Interesting Stories About Gambling

Do You Know Which Celebrities Love To Gamble?
There are hundreds of famous persons being noticed in high-roller casinos in the
last couple of years. Some of them have lost a lot of earnings as well, so this one is
not really a Cinderella story. What is common in situations like this one where
celebs get caught on camera going in or exiting the casino is that they were not
happy, especially when they were not winning. Gambling can be so addictive and
force usually shy people to appear under the bright lights of popular Atlantic City

One of the best players, but also very controversial, in history of golf Tiger Woods
has been known for his gambling activities. He paid numerous visits to MGM
Grand Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. What is interesting to mention is that the
house was afraid he could actually win a lot of money for some reason, placing a
$1 million betting limit. Mr. Woods enjoyed playing blackjack the most, with an
average of $25,000 per hand.

Tobey Maguire, one of Spiderman stars was actually sued for participation in
multi-million dollar gambling ring illegally. According to the media, the actor has
won more than $250,000 of illegal funds. There is no doubt he is a very skilled
poker player, so this situation has remained pretty much unclear so far.

One of the most controversial Hollywood stars Charlie Sheen is known for his
activities outside work. Gambling was one of them. After submitting divorce
papers 13 years ago, his former wife Denise Richards stated that Charlie was
spending more than $250,000 per week on gambling! Allegedly, he contacted his
bookie to place a bet on NFL match while he was driving to the hospital for the
birth of his daughter named Lola.

Winning Jackpot Is Not Enough Sometimes
A lot of people have left a casino with a big hole in their wallet, but some of them
have lost a lot more. A story from Arizona states that a woman won around
$1,300 playing slot machine. While trying to cash in her winnings, she failed to

present a valid passport. Casino representatives proceeded with a bit more
detailed research just to find out the lady was in the United States illegally! So,
not only she didn’t get deserved winnings but also got deported out of the
country back to Mexico.

The United Kingdom has a story to tell as well. A wealthy businessman named
Justyn Larcombe has lost close to $900,000 placing bets on football. He was
earning more than $100,000 every month before these incidents. He also owned
a big house in Derbyshire Village. His addiction to sports betting grew to a point
where he sold a lot of possessions, including a car and a summer house just to
place bets. He lost everything, including his wife and two children who left him.
The online betting industry in the United Kingdom is close to $2.5 billion, which
probably means this is not the only story of big losses. Gambling responsibly and
properly managing the bankroll is one of the keys to having fun and achieving
profits in online activities.

Stories of Lucky Gamblers
Stories of lucky bettors and casino players are truly inspiring to everyone new to
these activities. There were cases where players had a bit of insane luck and won
a massive chunk of money. There are also lots of winning stories with customers
that have taken advantage of casino bonuses offered by online operators and
won big. One of the most popular stories is coming from New Jersey. The lucky
lady has rolled the dice for more than four hours straight without hitting a seven!
The chances for that were 1 to 1.55 trillion! She exited the Borgata Hotel Casino in
Atlantic City as the biggest casino winner in history. The exact amount of winnings
was never revealed publicly obviously.

Have you heard of FedEx company? The multinational delivery system? Of course,
you are. There is an interesting story about their owner and blackjack games. Fred
Smith came into the realization that his firm is in big trouble after being down to
the last $5,000. He was not able to afford to buy fuel for delivery planes and
decided to go all in. He bought a one-way ticket to Las Vegas and stakes all of the
remaining money. Eventually, he profited $21,000 by playing blackjack, just enough to keep things operational. FedEx’s company value is currently at $4.3


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