Michael Everest DeMarco: Early Modeling And Acting Days

Michael Everest DeMarco is known for his philanthropy among other achievements but he enjoyed an adventurous childhood in the limelight as well. Born in New Orleans, the man has always been an achiever and his curiosity has often led him to try different things uncommon for many ordinary kids. This includes a short but storied career in theater and shows business when he was very young.

Read on to know how the young DeMarco stumbled upon a career as a model, how he went on to become a child actor, and how all these experiences helped shape his adult life.

Modelling Years: Discovery and Work as a Model

DeMarco was discovered when he was 13. With is striking Eastern looks, dark hair, and outgoing personality, it was not hard for him to land his first modeling gig. He booked several jobs as a model that honed his social skills at such a young age. Exposure to other kids and adults helped DeMarco break out of his shell and become more extroverted and engaging, a trait that helps him develop new and interesting relationships even until today.

Acting Years

After a short modeling stint that was successful by most standards, DeMarco set his sights on acting. Unlike modeling jobs, getting into acting would prove to be more challenging especially because the industry was not lacking in aspiring child actors hoping to make it big in Hollywood. However, DeMarco is naturally determined and focused once he sets his sights on an objective or a goal. He took casting calls and auditions seriously, preparing for each potential role for hours on end to nail the characters and make the best impression on casting agents.

All that hard work eventually paid off. He landed a part in Golden Boy by Clifford Odets, where he played the lead role, Joe Bonaparte. The part called on him to adopt the character of a young Italian-American violinist torn between hopes to become a world-renowned boxer and his love for the violin and music. The role required DeMarco to deliver an emotional performance as well as an equally convincing physical performance given that the character is a boxer. His performance wowed audiences and led to more exposure as well as more parts.

He landed another role in Richard III where he played the Duke of Buckingham. This role figured prominently in the play which meant that he had his work cut out for him. Fortunately, DeMarco delivered, mastering his lines, and delivering an emotive performance that impressed the audience.

DeMarco also landed a part in Maxwell Anderson’s Winterset as Bartolomeo Romagna. This play was unique because it was a popular play that was based on poetry. The play required advanced acting skills that he was able to show skillfully, entertaining sophisticated audiences which were an impressive feat for someone so young.

All these skills didn’t come naturally. Although DeMarco was a natural performer he was also an avid learner. He was always working to improve his skills. He enrolled in Method Acting acting classes and was also trained in the Stanislavski methods, all of which helped him level up his acting game. He also attended classes in the Actors Studio in LA under the mentorship of legendary acting coach Sal Dano.

Film roles soon followed. He landed roles in movies like Over the Line and Fine Stallion. Although these were minor roles, they helped him get the exposure and experience to hone his skills, work ethic, and commitment to a project, all traits that no doubt helped him achieve career goals later in life.


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