Why Skin Care Is Essential For Your Well Being

Let’s face it – we all want to look good and feel good. The need for a healthy body has never been more publicised than it is now. The media has stereotyped its definition of beauty, and many people suffer because of an unrealistic body image. It’s not just how we look at our homes that matters to us, but how we appear in the big wide world. With the advent of social media, it’s common for pictures of us to be posted on an almost daily basis.

If we think about skincare, are we simply being vain or are there real reasons we should take this seriously? We may be worried because we know some skincare products can do more harm than good if used incorrectly. Let’s have a look.

Change Is Here to Stay

If I asked you what is the largest organ in your body, I’d be surprised if you knew it is, in fact, your skin. It acts as a filter and a buffer between us and the external environment and affects our body temperature. Another surprising fact is that our bodies are always changing and growing. Skin cells constantly vary, and old skin is being shed on a minute by minute basis. This is why we must stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. We also need a healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean protein, and whole grains. In addition, we should be taking half an hour’s physical exercise at least four times a week. The reality is: when our bodies become unwell, our skin shows it.

Poorly Skin Can Be Avoided

Nobody wants to have sores and rashes. Acne is very unpleasant, particularly for young people trying to attract that special person. Skin infections require medication, and so the list goes on. We can’t control everything that happens with our bodies, but if we are diligent with our skincare, we give ourselves the best possible advantage. We all know people who have experienced scarring after a medical issue. We will be less susceptible to this if we have kept our skin moist and healthy.

There Are Options You Can Take 

It’s important to research the value of moisturisers, cleansers, and toners as part of your healthy skin regime. Also, consider exfoliating dead skin and using a serum for redness. Besides all the things you can do at home, there exist additional options. Have a look on the internet and see the range of products and procedures available to you. Ultherapy is a non-invasive way of triggering your body’s regenerative responses to a number of skin issues, if it is worth it, lightening  your skin will not only give you positive results but also address the wrinkles on your chest.

The Sun Can Be Risky

Yes, we all love to be out in the sunshine, particularly on holidays abroad. The downside is it can dry the skin and expose you to harmful radiation. The latter can still be the case even when it is cloudy. We need to take preventative steps. Sunblock can have different filter values, depending on how sunny it is. It’s great to progressively expose ourselves to sunshine and to gain a lovely tan. Sunburn can be harmful to our skin if we ignore the risks – there can be lasting damage. 

Pregnancy Is a Factor

Having a baby is an incredible experience. Our bodies and hormones change during the process. We’ve all heard of mothers who have stayed fit doing gymnastics, and after childbirth retained an amazing figure. This may not apply to all of us, but skincare can keep our flesh supple and elastic. This can help reduce stretch marks after having a baby. 


Yes, it happens to us all. We look back and laugh at the old photos, but the harsh reality is we’re not as young as we used to be. One major benefit of active skincare is in relation to fighting the signs of aging. Are jowls and wrinkles inevitable? Well actually, we can do something about it beforehand. If we have always had unhealthy skin and not drunk enough water, we will experience more wrinkles than someone more healthy. Our skin will take on a dull appearance, and this also could have been avoided. 


At the end of the day, we are powerful people. We can maintain our bodies as good stewards, and reap the benefit not just now, but in later life. Prevention is better than cure. Keep your skin flexible and well now to reduce wrinkles, rather than using something to address them when you’re elderly. There are many avenues to consider as we mentioned and we all need to stock up on our moisturizers, cleansers, and toners.


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