6 Activities That Will Make Family Sunday Night More Fun

In today’s day and age, where we are all so consumed by chaotic lives, it is easy to neglect our loved ones and to rarely spend valuable quality time with each other. Even when people come together, it is easy to get distracted by the high amounts of technological items that are available to us constantly.

Family time is vital to ensure healthy relationships between family members, – it makes everyone feel loved and it is a great way to bond as a family. If you are planning a family night on a Sunday, in this article we will provide you with six different ideas to make this as fun as possible.

Home Cinema

This is a staple in any family night – nothing is better than being in the comfort of your own home, watching one of your favorite movies with your loved ones. You can easily recreate a movie theatre at home. Pick your family’s favorite movies and decide on what to watch as a family. Prepare your living room with a projector, which works even in smaller rooms, and make the seats as comfortable as you can. You can even prepare everyone’s favorite snacks beforehand to increase the cinema experience.


The majority of people associate baking with happiness and relaxation. This is also a great way to bond as a family and every member, no matter the age, can participate in this activity. Baking allows individuals to work as a team and also to use their own creativity to decorate the best-baked goodies. You can then enjoy whatever you bake together, as a family.

Board Games

This idea is not innovative and has been around for a very time, long before the technology was an important part of our lives. Playing board games with your family can be a dangerous situation, depending on how competitive you and your loved ones may get. However, it can also be so much fun. There are many board games to play, depending on the ages of individuals. 

This is not only a fun idea you can also make it educational by playing word games such as Words With Friends or Scramble. If you feel the need for additional support, particularly if younger children want to take part, there are additional tools that support you to unscramble words, so that you are not left without ideas when playing these games. You can decide as a family which game to play, and set the rules beforehand so that everyone is happy.

Build Blanket Forts

Building a fort is not for children only – you are never too old to enjoy this classic activity. You can opt to make a simple fort with blankets over two chairs or you can allow your imagination to run wild and create the best fort ever in your living room, by adding pillows, throws, and even lights. To make things more interesting, you can have a competition where different family members make two different teams in order to build a fort each and then decide who the winner is.

Camp Out (or In)

This can be a great idea to do with your children, whether you have a back garden or not. Although it may not sound like a similar experience to real camping outside in nature, your children will still enjoy this idea and they will think of this as an adventure. If you do not have a backyard, you can still put up a tent in your living room and actually use it to sleep. 

This is also a good method to verify whether your family would survive a real camping experience outdoors. To increase the quality of this experience, you can leave animal soft toys around the house and go ‘explore’ with your children to see how many animals they can find.

Arts & Crafts

The most memorable activities are the messy ones – and this is one that can be very messy, particularly if you have young children. Participating in artistic activities as a family is a great bonding experience. Individuals are relaxed as art allows everyone to express themselves without words. You opt to come up with a theme or project for everyone to follow or simply allow each member to create their own art and then present it to the family.

Spending time together is essential and you should always make time for this. There are many activities you can do as a family, whether you want a messy art creation, a competition night with board games or a quieter movie night, there is always something for every family to enjoy. 


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