Don’t You Want to Get a Passing Score? Cover Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Topics with Updated Practice Tests!

The Microsoft AZ-104 exam is aimed at those individuals who want to become the Microsoft Azure administrators. The suitable candidates for this test should have 6 months (or more) of hands-on experience in Azure workload administration as well as thorough knowledge of core Azure services, governance, workloads, and security.

According to the information available on the official webpage, Microsoft AZ-104 has been available since April 2, 2020. Another important note is that this new exam version and the older test (Microsoft AZ-103) will be available concurrently until August 31, 2020, as the AZ-103 exam expires. In this article, we will talk more about the new version and the features it has.

Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Details

To be ready for the AZ-104 exam, you need to have some expertise in monitoring, implementing, as well as managing the Microsoft Azure environment of your organization. The domains covered in Microsoft AZ-104 are as follows:

  • Deploy and Operate Azure Compute Resources – 25-30%;
  • Manage Azure Governance and Identities – 15-20%;
  • Implement and Operate Storage – 10-15%;
  • Back up and Monitor Azure Resources – 10-15%;
  • Configure and Operate Virtual Networking – 30-35%.

The test is available in the English language, and the registration fee for it is $165. You will face with about 60 multiple-choice questions that should be cleared in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Microsoft AZ-104 Preparation Options

There are a number of preparation options you can opt for to get ready for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. The most popular ones are the following:

  • Online training courses

Taking online training is a popular choice for many applicants because there are a lot of online course providers. Be sure to take these courses from reputable platforms and only those that have been designed by the verified experts.

  • Instructor-led training courses

Formal training is when a candidate takes an instructor-led course online or in a classroom setup. The lessons are scheduled formally and conducted by the certified experts. This type of preparation is suitable for those individuals who don’t have extensive experience in Azure workload administration.

  • Self-study

In the case of self-study, the learners collect all the necessary prep materials and study on their own without any supervision or instruction from anyone else. This is a very helpful format of preparation for those who don’t like being distracted by the group.

  • Practice tests

Other than the preparation options that have been already mentioned, you will also need the support of valid practice tests. They will be very helpful for the candidates to overcome their fears, which often come with taking a new exam.

  • Exam dumps

Braindumps can also help you explore the format of the test and its topics. You can use them together with practice tests to improve your time management skills, which are very important when taking the real exam.


The demand for Azure has increased significantly in recent years. As a result, the need for the Azure administrators has also been increasing rapidly along those lines. If you are involved in purchasing or selling Cloud-based services and solutions or you have any involvement in them and want to prove your skills, then the Microsoft AZ-104 exam is a certification test you should consider. It is a great step towards becoming a Microsoft Azure administrator, which provides you with global recognition of your skills, knowledge, and experience.


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