Best Movie Soundtracks Featuring Rock Music

Films need attractive music to support the actors and their actions. Music enhances the scene and makes the film more memorable. Many films favor fresh tunes to ensure they can make record sales. Here are the top 5 best rock soundtracks features in some of the popular films.

Rock and Roll High School (1979)

Rock and Roll High School focuses on the life of Ramones, an uprising rock group that is renowned for many popular hits during the 1970s and 1980s. The movie reframes some of the best songs from the band as anthems to depict teen disaffection. It features some of the popular tracks, including Brownsville Station’s “Smokin’ in the Boys Room,” Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.”, and Chuck Berry’s “School Days,” which are the main theme songs. In contrast, other tracks, including jams by Brian Eno and Nick Lowe, are included to enhance the appeal of the film, but audiences did not like them. The movie has some of the memorable soundtracks at the time. The appeal of the song and popularity of their music crosses all generational boundaries, clique, or class. At the end of the movie, The Ramones are referred to as contemporary Beethoven due to the unique nature of their songs. If you need more research about the group, you can rely on professionals from Perfect Essay.

End of Days (1999)

The main star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, partnered with Guns ‘N’ Roses to come up with an original score that was used in the movie. This was a famous soundtrack since the rock band had not produced any songs since 1994 after the release of their album The Spaghetti Incident. The song “Oh My God” was also featured in the soundtrack, and it was one of the best rock movie soundtracks at the time. It has a harsh, outdated tone that was used to support the film’s promotional message focusing on the end of the word, and the devil reclaiming the world. The rock and roll movie soundtracks were also composed of popular big metal and rock acts like Rob Zombie, Powerman 5000, and Korn. Another artist that was featured in the movie was Eminem, who also makes an appearance and supports the theme of the movie.

American Graffiti (1973)

“American Graffiti” by George Lucas is a well-known movie with over 41 rock soundtracks. Stuart Mccarthy, a producer who works together with EduJungles says that each soundtrack was an original composition, and they were used to support the movie’s theme of teens coming of age during the fifties and sixties. The songs include artists like Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. It includes soundtracks like “Come Go with Me” and “I Only Have Eyes for You” by doo-wop. The classic soundtrack is also certified as triple platinum and is still a popular choice among many fans today. The movie also included a wide array of upcoming stars like Harrison Ford, Suzanne Somers, Ron Howard, and Richard Dreyfuss. The film’s story focused on the adventure and experiences that a group of teenagers underwent in 1962. The movie has been preserved at the National Film Registry by the U.S. Library of Congress since it is regarded as aesthetically, historically, or culturally significant, which is primarily due to the soundtracks. The movie had a large variety of outstanding early rock and roll classics like “To the Aisle” by The Five Satins, “Teen Angel” by Mark Dinning, and “Green Onions” by Booker T. and The M.G.s.

The Crow (1994)

“The Crow” is also a good rock and roll movie soundtrack and features tracks from Pantera, The Cure, Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails, and others. The soundtrack supports the film and is a significant component throughout. The entire soundtrack flows like an album, and a large number of bands provided tracks that have not been released before, including;

  • “Dead Souls” by NIN
  • “The Badge” by Pantera.

The soundtrack also included songs by Stone Temple Pilots called “Only Dying,” which had been recorded initially when they were called Mighty Joe Young. Nevertheless, Brandon Lee died during filmmaking, and the song was pulled. They still provided tracks like “Big Empty.”

Grosse Point Blank (1997)

The accompanying album that is featured in the film includes some of the best songs used in movies. It includes tracks from the band The Clash and Joe Strummer, who is a composer, actor, musician, and singer, who was allowed to score the film. Kelley Patrick, a music specialist who cooperates with EssayWritingService reports that the movie has a wide array of tracks from different bands like The Beat, The Specials, The Jam, and combines different genres such as indie rock, ska, and punk. Some of the popular tracks include Faith “No More’s We Care A Lot” and “Sun from Violent Femmes.” Other popular acts present in the film included Guns ‘N’ Roses.

Many films have come up over the years, which feature the best rock soundtracks. Most are certified platinum with tracks from famous bands and musicians at the time. The soundtracks have been useful in supporting the theme of the films.




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