Fashion Ideas to Keep You Warm in Cold Weather

Pack up the bathing suits and snorkels and start getting ready to bust out the big sweaters – winter is coming! Maybe it should not sound that exciting, because many hate the long, cold, and dark nature of this season, but it still offers a lot to those that know how to prepare for it properly.

Getting ready for winter means tailoring your fashion choices around staying bundled up and cozy. Choosing the right clothing and clothing accessories for you and your home is going to help you cruise through winter in comfort and in style. Here some of the best fashion ideas to keep you warm during the coldest months.

1. Layering Your Clothing

Getting the right winter clothing is important, but layering can be an effective and stylish tool to combat the cold. Layering flannel, fleece pullovers, and other winter clothing under your coat can help you drop jaws with your style and make you nice and toasty. Blending neutral colors like browns, blacks, and greys, with richer colors like greens or reds is a key part of layering like a true winter-ready style icon. The important thing to remember is knowing you can always remove layers if you get too hot, rather than the other way around and adding them.

2. Adding Blankets to Your Home

Not all winter fashion ideas have to do with what you wear. Sometimes it can be about what you have around the home and Mexican style blankets at added some much-needed color, flair, and comfort for your home during the winter. The winter is where color leaves the trees and outdoors, so you want to keep your home nice and habitable, as well as warm when you are chilling on the couch, which is why blankets work so well. Plus, blankets are just good to have around the home anyways.

3. Invest In a Good Coat

It really should go without saying, but you need to invest in a good coat this winter. Using your old and tattered coat that is probably full of holes is only going to make you suffer, so finding a coat that has an inner and outer shell is good for multi-purpose, long term use. Winter coats can climb into the hundreds of dollars, which looks bad but when you consider how the quality material can withstand the brutal conditions of snow, sleet, and freezing winds, it makes sense. Coats that are quality material should last you long enough to get numerous winters worth of wear and will allow you to enjoy activities like skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing without getting over-encumbered. 

4. Choosing the Warmest Materials

Speaking of quality materials, you need to know what is going to keep you warm during the winter. Generally, the two best possible soft materials for clothing like sweaters or shirts are wool and fleece. Cable knit sweaters are big and warm, but they look wonderful too. Fleece pullovers and cardigans can be layered underneath your coats as well. Coats use down inside them to keep warm, which is usually feathers, but you can also get fake down if you want to be more eco-conscious about your winter coat options, and they work just as well. Many winter coats have a synthetic outer material with wool inside, and they offer the best of both materials. Finding well-insulated boots are easy to come by and some of the more stylish varieties can combine the versatility of rubber with great design.

5. Extra Pairs of Accessory Clothing

The biggest pieces of clothing for the winter are your snow pants, your boots, your coat, and sweaters. These are obviously going to take up a lot of space in your closet or dresser, as well as your shoe rack, but you need accessories too. Wool hats or toques, gloves, and scarfs are necessary for keeping warm, but you can take it even further. Keeping extra wool mitts in your car glove compartment or an extra hat and scarf in your car/at work can prevent you from getting too cold if you forget one on the way out the door.

Getting ready for the upcoming winter is all a matter of staying one step ahead of mother nature. This is simple when you can get your fashion in line with the demands of the season. Dressing well for the winter, along with adorning your home with comfortable accessories, can help you rock some fashionable looks without sacrificing on the practical need for winter-safe clothing choices.


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