How to write an essay about your goals

Are you about to apply for a degree program or a job? Then you should know about your future goals. Write down an essay on your career goals so that you are prepared to make a positive impression. This article will help you in getting selected or hired. So, keep reading!

What is a career goals essay?

Before we begin writing a career goal essay, you must understand what a career goal essay is. It is a piece of writing that explains what your future goals are and which career paths you want to pursue. You write about both your short-term and long-term career goals. It would be best if you write about career aspirations along with relevant achievements that can serve as evidence. It will show the reader that you are committed to your goals. You can always search for pre written essay samples to see how professionals write an essay on career goals. Take inspiration from those and start writing. Follow these tips to write an engaging essay that will instantly land you in your dream job or get you selected in the preferred university:

1. Understand the concept of career goals

Now that you know what a career goal essay is, the next step is to understand the concept of career goals. It would help if you thought about your short-term and long-term plans. Write down all your ambitions and achievements. Do not just focus on financial goals; focus on goals related to career growth and education. You might have this question: isn’t it very time-consuming? Well, you are writing a career goal essay, so that will take time. However, you can reduce this time by constructing a goal tree. A goal tree consists of three sections: initial, intermediate, and final. It will help you in shortlisting the goals that will make your essay shine and stand out. Remember, do not copy anybody else’s goals. This essay is centered around you, so write it yourself. A brief example of the goal can be:

Initial: Completing a professional training program

Intermediate: getting a job and learn from the organization

Final: Starting my own business

2. Set goals for different stages of your career

Make sure that what you are applying for is aligned with the career path of your choice. The end-reader should feel relevant to your ambitions.  Anything that seems irrelevant to this prospect job should be cut off from the essay. Do not expect this process to be instantaneous. Deciding your career path and achieving your goals will require time and patience.  However, reaching some milestones might take less time than others. These can span up to multiple stages of your intended career development process. Start by determining your short-term as well as long-term goals. Then decide effective strategies to meet them. You can use a scholarship essay example to get a better grip on organizing your ideas and goals. Go through the career stages listed below and identify where you currently stand. It will provide you a sense of direction and guidance while coming up with suitable strategies.

  • Adaptation: Usually, people who are at this stage aim for self-affirmation. Your goal is often to showcase your skills and competence and need supervision from a mentor.
  • Formation: Here, you will prefer to work independently. You aim to prove that you can work alone and are ready to climb the career ladder
  • Maturity: You need to have gained substantial experience to reach this stage, most like; a managerial position. You will be responsible for educating your subordinates.
  • Late-career: You will be focused on looking at the bigger picture, what is the broader scope of your company. You will be preparing for your retirement.

3. Choose a title

Decide an effective and appropriate title for your essay. It is one of the first things to capture the reader’s attention. Make sure it suits your purpose and resonates with the reader. A title tends to reflect your personality. Think thoroughly before making a choice. If you are still clueless about where to start from, you can seek assistance from Essay Kitchen. If you apply for a college and your title itself has structural and grammatical errors, the deciding committee will already form a negative perception about you. Try to keep it inciting yet effective.

4. Use the right structure

The significance of having and following a structure is often neglected while writing goals in life. A structure provides you an outline you work on throughout your essay. It helps you keep your train of thoughts on track, making it easy for the reader to follow. Your paragraphs should be coherent and flow smoothly into the next one. There are specific requirements that need to be met while writing an essay for a degree program. You might get away writing without a set of guidelines; however, it can compromise the standard of the content.  The typical guideline includes the following headers:

  1. Introduction: grabs attention and warms up for what is going to come next.
  2. Body: elaborates on the main idea, contains your career goal statement, and how you aim to achieve it.
  3. Conclusion: provides an overview and reinforces the main idea. It should be concise and impactful

5. Avoid clichés

When writing personal goal essays, try to avoid cliches. The employer or the university will get hundreds of essays. If you copy those same lines from sample essays, the chances are that your essay will not have the chance to make an impression on the reader. The reader might not even read past the phrase. Stating the same old phrases and words such as “enthusiastic” and “hard-working” might not impress the reader.  Try to keep your content 100% original. Do not use the attention grabbers that were used previously. Your essay should reflect your personality in your absence.

6. Write, revise, and fix

You must always revise and make corrections to your essay. Try to proofread twice as this helps with essay writing. If you leave any grammatical errors, then the reader will get a negative impression of you. Try fixing the sentence structure too. The first draft is called a “rough draft” for a reason. If I ever experience issues in this phase, I ask the professionals to write my paper or proofread it. In this way, I get to know my mistakes, which I plan on avoiding in the future.

A well-written essay on career goals can help you establish yourself as the right candidate for a job or a college degree. You must follow all the points to write a perfect essay that will help you portray yourself as an ambitious and self-driven person. Remember, it takes patience and practice!


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