How the Future of Concerts and Other Events Is Being Shaped Today

Nothing is more satisfying than jamming to your favorite music, live or attending events where you can interact with influential people, and forge lasting partnerships. For attendees, event planning may seem easy enough. However, organizers know how challenging coordinating a successful event can be. Whether you are a regular concert-goer or an organizer, you might have noticed that the event planning industry has changed a lot in the past couple of years. With new technologies on the rise, it is understandable that you might be curious about what the future will bring. 

If you are interested in learning how the future of events is being shaped today, keep on reading.

New Booking Systems

Once upon a time, scoring event tickets was an ordeal. People had to wait for hours in long queues to get a chance of seeing their favorite artists or athletes live. Fortunately, new technologies have reduced the time and effort it takes to book tickets. Buying tickets has never been easier thanks to the hundreds of websites and online services dominating the scene. Put simply, the new systems we now use are superior to old ones, as they enable attendees to compare ticket prices and book seats from the comfort of their own homes. 

Moreover, digital tickets are impossible to lose, so if you are always misplacing important items, it is better to book event tickets online! As for organizers, these modern systems have also made tracking ticket sales a lot more manageable. This is why both average event-goers and professional planners go for online booking solutions.

Lower Costs

Despite the merits of online booking solutions, such platforms used to be costly, as attendees and organizers had to pay extra fees, a commission, when they offered or bought tickets. Because the concept of online booking systems was novel a few years ago, many people put up with those extra costs. However, paying double for the same thing or sharing profits with a third-party service provider has become tiresome. For this reason, there are now some Event Ticketing Software options that are free of charge. This means that you do not have to deal with hidden expenses anymore, whether you are a concert-goer or an event planner. In the long run, this will create more opportunities for the event planning industry to thrive, allowing more people to enjoy low-cost tickets.

Better Planning

Because it involves taking care of a gazillion small details, organizing an event can be pretty stressful. Professional event planners have to go through meticulous checklists to make sure that everything is on point. This has not changed a lot, but it is now considerably easier to ensure that the event you are planning turns out the way you imagined it. Technology has made the experience of attending a concert or a live event much more satisfying given the great advancements in visuals, lighting, and advertising. Social media has also become a potent tool to generate excitement, considering the way it allows people to share upcoming events with friends. 

Remote Options

COVID-19 has made attending and organizing live events somewhat difficult. With social distancing rules still on the forefront of people’s minds, event coordinators have come up with an ingenious way of enabling them to attend their favorite concerts without putting their health at risk. Remote or virtual events have become the norm, with millions of people relying on the internet to attend concerts from the comfort of their own homes. Live streaming, in particular, is used widely to replace the need to be physically present in the location of the event. 

In the future, experts predict that VR technology will also be leveraged as a low-cost, highly immersive solution. Just imagine attending an event taking place in another country without leaving your couch or having to watch it on a screen!

Enhanced Security

We’ve previously touched on the convenience of digital tickets, but this is just one advantage of this technology. Not only do digital tickets eliminate the need to stand in long lines to book them or wait for hours to finally enter the event’s location, but they also add an extra layer of security. Event organizers are now more careful than ever about security measures, and QR codes and facial recognition are just two of the solutions that are currently used to ascertain the identity of attendees and eliminate security risks. 

Without a doubt, the event planning industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the many powerful solutions we now have, attending concerts or other various events have become easier and safer. Technologies like online booking services, VR, and live streaming are just the tip of the iceberg, as many other intuitive solutions will surely emerge and make the industry a lot more prosperous.


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