Worst Ideas for a First Date: Never Do This!

Some guys think a fancy suit and a perfect plan are all one needs to impress a girl. And while it’s not far from the truth, there are still a hundred ways things may go south on a date. Moreover, the plan itself can be faulty from the start because not every idea is a good idea. So, unless you’re deliberately trying to ruin your companion’s evening, make sure to stay away from the following scenarios on the first date. We’re not saying all of them are horrifying (taste differ, so do personalities), and some might actually work, but you should get to know your date better first.

Poetry Evening

There’s nothing wrong with listening to poetry surrounded by fellow connoisseurs, especially if your companion shares your passion for lovely rhymes, and you miraculously guessed their preferences on literature. The problem is that the percentage of people who genuinely enjoy this kind of, let’s call it peculiar entertainment is ridiculously small. If there ever is a suitable time for a poetry slam in your life, it’s certainly not the very beginning of a relationship. You’ll most likely waste a promising evening, sitting in a quiet, dimly lit room and pretending that you’re having a blast.

Amateur Stand-Up Show or Concert You Take Part in

It’s going to be as awkward for your companion as it’s thrilling and exciting for you. Especially if you’re going to run back and forth between your table and the scene, worrying about forgetting your moves or words. But there’s more. No doubt that amateur stand-up shows can be quite hilarious, and in some Eastern-European countries, like Russia or Ukraine, single ladies would love to see one with you because stand-up is a hot thing there. But it’s pretty common in the rest of the world; besides, you can hardly predict your date’s reaction to jokes.

You Friend’s Birthday Party

Don’t get us started on how bad the idea of inviting a new date (basically a stranger) to someone’s birthday party is. They won’t be particularly pleased to spend a day with people they’ve never seen and will probably never see again, including you. Besides, those who

know about your date will cast appreciative glances at your companion, making them feel even worse.

Fast Food Joint

You can go for a snack run in the middle of a walk, but building up a whole plan for a date around a fast food venue is a no-no for a grown-up. While there may be some romance in stopping by a food court after a movie date, asking your companion out to Subway is too childish.


Fond of sports? Great! Be sure to mention that on a date. Thinking about asking your new companion out to a gym to show off? Bad move. If you’re OK with seeing them covered in sweat and losing enthusiasm with ever rep, this doesn’t mean they are. Does this even count as a date? You won’t have enough time for a chat, let alone a comprehensive dialog. On the other hand, no one says you can’t pick someone up at a gym in the first place.

Shopping Mall

Are you fourteen? If you’re not, then either wait a bit or leave food court kisses to teens. Shopping malls are for shopping, hence the name. And we doubt you’re going to bombard your companion with gifts right on the first date. There are many more exciting activities than window shopping.

Walking in the Cold

Sure, streets look romantic in late autumn or mid-winter, but they also get chilly. You don’t want to ask your date for a walk just to find out one of you has underestimated the importance of weather forecasts. Even if you’re feeling comfortable at the moment, it may get colder in an hour. Want a date to be unforgettable in a good sense of the word? Always have a plan B, which includes a place to sit, get warm, and have a snack.

Competitive Activities

Paintball or go-kart are fun time killers but not on the first date. Competitive activities and mass sports events rarely go hand-in-hand with romance. You get all sweaty and tired but don’t have a chance to properly talk, so a date like this doesn’t even count. You’ll have to go for a few more first dates after it to compensate for the lack of communication.

Video Game Night

If you’re 100% sure your date loves video games, the sure – set up a gamer date. If not, leave experiments for later. Ideas like this are perfect for fun get-togethers with old friends or second/third dates but not the first. You can make matters even worse by constantly winning.

Your Parents’ House

You’d be surprised to know how many guys do that. So we’ll leave it here as a reminder: never ask a person you barely know out to your house if your folks live there. Even if both of you are adults living separately from your families, picking home as a spot for a first date isn’t the best idea.


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