How to Nail the Red-Carpet Look?

Whether you really are off to a film premiere which is pretty unlikely during a lockdown or whether you just like looking the part nailing the red-carpet look can be tricky. So, here are some helpful hints and tips taken from the rich and famous themselves so that you can shine in front of the camera and look like a movie star.

Buff Up 

In the weeks leading up to your red-carpet appearance, you may want to take the time to get in some extra exercise. Get your step count up high and keep moving. It is also essential that you focus on ensuring you have a super flat stomach, and there are plenty of body wrap kits available. Although the inch loss results offered by these treatments are temporary, they are perfect for one night on the red carpet and having a body like Elle Macpherson. You should also ensure in the days leading up that you drink plenty of water to prevent an unwanted spot breakout and stick to the low carb foods like salads in order to look your best on the big night. A top tip from superstar Margot Robbie is to stick to wholesome smoothies in the last few days before you get ready to transform into a star. 

Cut the Booze

While this may be slightly disappointing, it’s also crucial that you do not have any alcohol or salt in the run-up to your night out in glamour. Both of these have the ability to bloat the body because they make you retain water. In order to look fresh-faced and shiny, you should be taking on board plenty of water at least every three hours during the day and avoiding alcohol altogether. Not drinking at the event could also be considered a good idea, especially if you have a habit of getting a bit giggly and silly when you’ve been drinking, as the last thing you want to do is get papped making a fool of yourself. 

Choose Your Shoes

A red-carpet appearance deserves high heels, but remember you need to be able to walk in them. Anything too high and you risk tumbling and twisting your ankle which doesn’t exactly ooze glamour and sophistication. Stick to a height you are comfortable with but aim to wear a stiletto heel as this is very slimming and accentuate your natural curves giving you an overall tall willowy look. If you are stuck with colour, you generally can’t go wrong with a pair of nude stilettos or basic black. 

Don’t Shine

Although we talk about shining on the red carpet, your face is not the place you actually want to shine. If a camera picks up grease on the face, the picture will highlight the fact that you are not looking your best. No one wants shiny skin when the paparazzi, calling, so using a setting spray is entirely perfect and will secure your makeup and keep everything looking top-notch for at least 12 hours. There should be plenty of time to make your red-carpet debut and escape at the end of the night to the waiting limo. It doesn’t matter if anyone has a camera handy all they are going to see is your face looking perfect. 

Underwear Tricks

If you have good legs, and a nice tan, you are not going to want to be wearing tights. But your dress can stick to you and cling if you are not careful. The secret of the rich and famous is to cut down a pair of tights into super-thin shorts, and this makes sure that the fabric of your dress doesn’t stick to your bottom even if it gets a bit hot and sweaty under the lights and cameras. Depending on the length of your clothing, you can leave a bit of leg, and this also ensures that there is no thigh chafing. Tights are by far and away the best way to go as they do not leave a visible panty line so no one will be any the wiser as you harness these professional tricks for the red carpet.  

The Shape of Your Dress

You may well know which shoes you’re going to wear but choosing a dress can be a whole different ball game. People often end up with three or four choices and not really be in love with any of them. An A-line dress is incredibly flattering and will create a perfect slim silhouette. This is because the dress is designed to nip in around the waist area and then flares out gently below. A-line dresses come in all different lengths, so you are sure to be able to find something that suits you down to the ground. 

Fake it

Everyone wants to show off that sun-kissed look, so fake tans are definitely all the rage on the red carpet. Cameras seem to make pale people look ghostly white, so having a bit of colour will work in your favour. It is vital that you don’t leave your tanning to the last minute, as they tend to need a few days to settle down. Head to the tanning salon several days in advance, and you won’t risk looking like an Umpa-Lumpa on the red carpet. You should also think about how much you would naturally tan in the sun, as your skin complexion won’t look right with something much darker than you can achieve using Mother Nature alone.



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