Managing Your Time Like A Pro

While many are working from home and juggling jobs, family, Christmas prep, and a whole host of other things, time management has never been more important. If you’re finding yourself becoming easily distracted and even wishing for the rigidity of the office, here are a few tips to get your back on track.

Make a to-do list

For visual learners and workers, to-do lists are a lifesaver. Being able to actually see how much work you need to do, what tasks are left to complete, and how much you have already done can make managing your time so much simpler. Crossing items off a to-do list is incredibly satisfying, so why not add a few things to it that are very simple or that you have already done so that your list does not seem too daunting? Breaking down tasks can make them seem less intimidating and will also prevent you from forgetting anything.

Take Breaks

Breaks are just as important as working, as they allow your mind to rest and stop you from becoming overwhelmed and burnt out. There is a lot of discussion as to the optimal break length and how many should be taken, but you should work out what is best for you. Do you benefit from a short walk or stretch or from watching an episode of your favorite show? It’s also important to eat and drink in these breaks, to keep yourself healthy and focused, just as you would in a physical work setting.


Treat yourself to a gadget that will help you manage your time and the rest of your life. An Apple watch is perfect for this, as the apps allow you access to your calendar, emails, health, music, and timers. This means you can put down your phone and all the distractions of social media and just use your watch for the important things. If you’re not sure which kind of Apple watch to get, Superwatches provides a handy comparison of Apple watches, which will allow you to find the one that is right for your budget and purpose.

Change location

Where you work can have a huge effect on how you work. Not everyone has a home office or desk to work from, but a few small changes to your environment can make a big difference. Making sure your space is clear of clutter will prevent you from being distracted and make you feel calmer and ready to work. Sitting by a window can help you feel less isolated and provide fresh air and sunlight, but make sure you don’t get distracted by the views! If possible, you could work from a coffee shop or café for a complete change of scenery. This is helpful to maintain the work/life balance and keep your home a place to relax in.

Everyone works in different ways, and finding what makes you most comfortable and productive can take some time. These tips are just basics to get you thinking about how, where, and what you’re doing to manage your time. These small changes will make an impact on your time management skills, and they aren’t just for those working from home either; this list can be used anywhere, any time, and by anyone who needs a little more structure in their life!


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