Top Healthy Habits to Stay Upbeat in College

Whether you’re moving to a college dorm or staying at your parental house to study online, it is quite easy to disregard your personal well-being in the newly occurred circumstances. As a college student, you become overwhelmed by dozens and hundreds of aspects requiring your immediate attention. There you have a complicated academic program, lots of interesting communities, social events, and new opportunities. Carried away by everything the college offers, it’s common for students to shift their priorities in favor of anything else but their health and wellness. However, this time is crucial for building healthy habits that would help you stay on track throughout your future career and personal life.

Although the jury is out whether college studies will return to their traditional way or go fully online, students shouldn’t neglect what’s good for them. These top recommendations will help you to go through your college experience with easy and build good life-log habits.

Choose Highly Nutritious Healthy Food

Traditionally, college students are surrounded by an abundance of unhealthy foods and drinks, which they consume with great pleasure and unfailing regularity. While there is nothing wrong with eating sugar-and-fat products occasionally, a regular unhealthy diet can bring a lot of damage to their health, mood, confidence, and even learning abilities. With college being already hard enough, students should think about fueling their body with something more useful than empty calories and junk.

A healthy eating routine containing a daily amount of main nutrients, water, and enough fruit and vegetables will help students to stay on top of their academic performance and be energized and upbeat during the day.

Regularity is the key. Students who never skip breakfast and have regular healthy meals during the day show better discipline and motivation, stay in shape, and demonstrate better learning results. On the other hand, junk-food fans often complain about anxiety and even depression.

It doesn’t mean though, that you have to eat only boiled chicken and broccoli from now on. Finding a balance between healthy eating and occasional harmful pleasures is crucial for our peace of mind. Just replace coke with water next time, or buy a healthier dessert instead of a chocolate cake.

Add Some Physical Activity You Enjoy

There has been much said about the importance of regular physical activity for our health and good mood. Especially crucial it is for college students who spend most of their time in a sitting position. In such circumstances, they desperately need workouts to keep their bodies physically strong, and their minds balanced.

Not necessary should it mean heavy training with dumbbells and special equipment at the gym. If you are far from being a gym-person, just find something else to your liking. It may be a competitive sport you can play with your groupmates or something stretching-based like yoga to do it in your dorm room. Try out different options to find something that works best for you.

Leave Enough Time for Sleep

It is not a secret that pulling all-nighters is one of the most favorite habits in college. Be it a party or night-long cramming for tomorrow’s exam, students seem surprisingly eager to dive into it. However, scientists have already proved that even one sleepless night can significantly decrease learning and memorizing abilities, let alone when it turns into a regular habit.

It’s clear that students need enough sleep to succeed both academically and personally. Therefore, it’s essential to vacate 7-8 hours of sound night sleep in your schedule. Once you do, better health and mood will come soon.

Set Priorities

College opens many doors. Depending on the choices students make, it may give a push to their personal advancement and career development, or on the contrary, become a huge psychological challenge and life ruiner. That is why it is crucial to set priorities if you don’t want to lose your sanity or start pursuing someone else’s goals.

According to Elizabeth Cunningham, a medical school essay writing service  psychology field writer, “college students often make unhealthy decisions because they don’t have a clear vision of what they really want and how to achieve that, they just drift.” However, thoughtless multitasking leads to a guaranteed failure.

To avoid that, take some time to map up your college plans, choose the activities you want to occupy yourself with and think about what you can delegate. Use any method that might be of help: pros and cons lists, daily/weekly/monthly scheduling, visualizing your goals and aspirations, you name it. Make ambitious plans but cut yourself some slack when you need it. Prioritizing is not about simply putting one assignment or activity above the other, but about choosing your health and wellness before everything else. So, don’t push yourself too hard, just make one tiny step at a time. In the long run, you will notice how you’ve grown.

Build a Strong Support Team

Whether you are a full-fledged on-campus student or a stay-at-home online college learner, it’s vital to have a strong support team for educational and mental purposes. It can include your family members, new college pals, professors that inspire you, or even your part-time work colleagues if you have any. Not everyone you meet will become your friend; however, if you put some effort, you’ll definitely find a few people who value your personality and gladly lend a helping hand when you need it. And once you do, they will bring more meaning and joy to your college experience.

Be Mindful About Your Finances

Regardless of your financial situation, learning to stay in control of your money yet in college will help you to avoid unplanned debts and grow into a financially-literate income-earner in the future. Fortunately, there is plenty of apps and software on the internet to help you track your income, spending, and plan your savings.

Remember, it’s much easier to focus on your academic goals, take an extra day-off when you need rest, or invest in your health and well-being when your finances are covered.


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