All You Need to Know About Guitars

Nothing can compare to the ability to play and create music. Music that leaves no one untouched. The guitar is arguably one of the most popular and powerful musical instruments that fascinate many people. If you are ready to embark on the exciting journey of expressing your feelings through the amazing strings of a guitar, here is everything you need to know about this unique instrument.

How Many Strings?

Newbies are often confused by a wide range of variations when it comes to the number of strings. A standard guitar usually has 6 strings, but you can also come across 4-, 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, and 12-string varieties. The latter is perhaps the most common of all, being in fact, the 6-string instrument with the two highest strings doubled and the bottom six tuned in octaves. Of course, you have to start with classic 6 strings and learn both acoustic and electric guitar anatomy to be able to figure out your perfect fit somewhat later. With time, you will also find out the difference between various string brands and even learn to change a set of strings in just fifteen minutes.

Talent or Hard Work?

Let’s face it, to stay out from the crowd you have to have something that no one else has – a talent. That is true not only for guitar but also for all other things in life. But there is a catch here, even the most gifted individuals can’t succeed if they do not work hard, and we have witnessed that millions of times. If you are determined to become a great guitar player, the sky’s the limit, literally, everything is in your hands – if someone fails to reach his or her goals, it is not because of lack of a gift but because they have given up too early. Think of it and do not consider quitting an option.

Practice Makes Perfect

No doubt, you are well aware of this saying, and it is absolutely true – you can’t be good at playing guitar if you do not practice. A lot. Every day. However, just practice is not enough – to win you need a plan, a strategy that takes you a step closer to the desired goal every day. If you ask professional musicians how many hours a day you have to play guitar, they will tell you that quantity is not the one that counts, quality does. You need to know what you want to improve or to learn and plan your practice accordingly. It is also important to have a strong focus on what you are doing. As incredible as it may sound, 20 minutes of effective practice will deliver much better results than two hours of pointless noodling.

Music is a wondrous universe that never ceases to amaze us. Being a musician is a privilege, it gives you special powers to win the hearts of people you have never met. Learning the guitar takes a lot of time and sincere dedication but rest assured all the hard work will pay off.


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